The Government of Sweden reported for Genocide against its own people

The Government of Sweden reported for Genocide against its own people

The reports below were submitted to the International Prosecution office in Sweden.


Report on serious offences subject to public prosecution

It is today apparent that a number of individuals in key positions inside Sweden’s government administration, media and in the country’s political establishment, are hard at work for the purpose of completely or partially exterminating the indigenous people of Sweden: ethnic Swedes.

One of the applicable laws:

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or part.

The scope and speed of the process is confirmed by the government itself: Twenty years ago, Sweden had a population of 8 million. Today, the figure is over 10. Of these, just over two million were born in a foreign country. By 2060, the government estimates that Sweden will have more than 13 million inhabitants.

Of these, the indigenous people – the ethnic Swedes, will have been reduced to a vulnerable minority in a country previously theirs, but which have already started to change beyond recognition.

The dominant part of those residing on the Eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula will then be non-Europeans, originating from failed and dysfunctional states with deeply rooted customs of violence and oppression.

The ongoing genocide of ethnic Swedes in their own country is a de facto war that is waged on i.a. the following fronts:

  • A government administration infiltrated by Zionist interests that enables and push the genocide agenda.
  • A media owned and controlled by Zionist interests that ostracises individuals who dare speak up against the ongoing genocide.
  • International financial speculators who, under the pretext of assisting asylum seekers, throughout the MENA region, recruit and organize millions of people to start marching against Europe and Sweden.
  • The documented existence of the so-called Kalergi plan: The project to carry out genocide not only on ethnic Swedes, but all indigenous peoples in Europe.

In case the prosecutor’s chamber hesitates regarding the prospect of arresting individuals operating under titles such as cabinet member, member of parliament, electoral representative, official or representative of various NGOs, it is now encouraged to recall that Sweden is supportive of the UN Convention on R2P: Right to Protect – the responsibility of third parties to intervene in other countries for the purpose of protecting civilian populations at risk.

In the case of Sweden at this time: to stop the ongoing genocide of the country’s indigenous people.

But there may be other reasons to why the prosecutor’s office need to take immediate action.

If Sweden’s neighbours begin to perceive the deteriorating situation as a threat to their own interests – perhaps even a threat to international peace and security – these countries can, under the R2P principle, choose to militarily intervene against the state of Sweden over its enormous failure not only to protect its own population, but actually driving an agenda of genocide against ethnic Swedes.

We leave it to the prosecution chamber to decide what is best: that Sweden solves the situation internally or that it remains passive, and through that invites foreign countries to launch a humanitarian intervention – an operation which for obvious reasons is likely to have a military dimension.

We conclude by reminding the prosecutor’s chamber of the legal concept of “expanded perpetrator ship”, which means that if the chamber, being aware of the ongoing genocide, does not act to stop it, itself becomes legally responsible for the crime as a perpetrator.

Yours sincerely,

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