Freedom to Breath – the Human Right ignored by the UN

Freedom to Breath – the Human Right ignored by the UN

Human rights are based on human needs.

Which is the most fundamental human need of all – a need the United Nations does not list in its Declaration of Human Rights?

The Freedom to breath.

Life starts with a breath.

It ends with a breath.

With the face mask, the global Deep State has gone for the jugular of Humanity – a grip it does not want to let go off, until everyone woman, child, and man has been injected by Bill “Lex Luthor” Gates’ Big Pharma Genocide MK-ULTRA chipped-to-the-Cloud Cocktail, promoted as a “vaccine.”

As such, the face-mask is actually worse than George Orwell’s boot stamping on the face of humanity forever, as suggested by a US military surgeon in the video below.



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