How the Globalists stole the Norwegian win in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

How the Globalists stole the Norwegian win in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

EU Song-contest final

Left: The Dutch team senses the coming victory. Right: A Swedish representative of globalization anticipates defeat.

The abyss is not the defeat of Sweden’s bland and confused contribution to the Eurovision song contest 2019.

The abyss is what the event organisers so far has managed to cover up: how the globalists stole the victory from Norway.

The contest has two types of votes carrying equal weight.

The first type of vote is cast jurys made up of so-called “professionals”: people hand-picked by globalist interest to decide which song should win.

The second type of vote is the popular vote.

The reason that the remarkable discrepancy between the two has not yet been picked up by alternative media could be that the organisers did not publish the popular vote in the same way that globalist vote and the official result were presented.

The officiel voting result: Dutch victory

EU Song-contest final

How the globalists voted

EU Song-contest final

Using the figures in both table we calculated to people’s vote:

EU Song-contest final - the people's choice

The people’s choice was Norway: a contribution extolling the Nordics, it’s nature, it’s sky, and its cultural roots – all presented by a blond all-white team.

So far not too much drama, one could argue. Each and one to his or her own.

Maybe the difference between the Dutch and Norwegian contribuitions are not that big?

Not true.

At least not from Mr Global’s perspective.

Indicated by the chart below, Norway did not only win the popular vote.

The Norwegian contribution also won the undeclared competition of the song with the greatest discrepancy between the popular and globalist vote.

EU Song-contest final - abyss between what people liked and what the globalist establisment approves of

The discrepancy is breath-taking.

Contrary to political correctness, Europeans really seem to sync with Norway’s very Nordic and “white” contribution.

Even grass-root Israelis, not even Europeans, awarded Norway 10 points. They also gave Russia 12 points.

In contrast, the globalists’ hatred of the Norwegian contribution was more than the double of how much they currently disapprove of all things Russian.

Here it is, Norway’s contribution in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2019…

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