Covid-1984: An eye-witness account of travelling by train in Europe, summer of 2021

Covid-1984: An eye-witness account of travelling by train in Europe, summer of 2021

A contribution from one of our readers:

Recently returned to Sweden after spending a month travelling Europe by train. I am not vaccinated against Covid and relied on Covid-tests, of which there are three:

  • Antigen: taken by swabbing the nostrils. This was the simplest and cheapest (okay, least expensive) test.
  • PCR: brain swab. Performed by driving up a long stick up one of the nostrils. Unpleasant and four times more expensive than the antigen test.
  • Antibody: blood test (stick in the finger). Tells if you have already had Covid and thanks to it already have an immune system defence against it – no other tests or vaccine then necessary.

Denmark is in media reported as a country with strict Covid rules, stricter than others in Northern Europe. To travel through the country, all that is required is an antigen test, taken within 72 hours.

On route through Denmark, toward the continent, no one asked for evidence of testing or vaxxing. The same thing in Germany, where, however, the requirement for wearing face masks on board the train was strict.

This is what happened a month later, North of the Danish border in the wee hours in early July, after we had just left Germany.

We rolled into Padborg station on the Danish side and a conductor, a young man, embarked and began to check our documentation.

He stopped at my seat.

I held out my ticket (paper printout) and proof of antigen test (also a paper printout). The antigen test I had taken had not been performed by an authorized test center, but by a regular medical doctor. The ticket’s QR code was scanned. The antigen test was given a quick glance.

All good. The conductor moved on.

Across from me was seated a young woman from Asia. She showed her ticket and explained that she was not vaccinated and had not taken any of the required tests.

The conductor explained that she had to take the next train back to Germany, take an antigen test there and then return to Denmark.

The woman stood up, took her suitcase on wheels and was escorted out to the platform where Danish soldiers in field uniforms were standing guard.

The conductor returned and continued his work.

That is when the eye opener happened.

The passengers, who now had the conductor’s attention, showed their travel docs and told him that they had been vaccinated and held out paperwork to confirm this.

In my naivete, I thought that the control of vaccinated passengers, if possible, would be even smoother than the short glance at my antigen test.

Wasn’t the idea that being vaxxed would facilitate traveling?

The conductor flipped over to another page in his manual and an interrogation ensued about which vaccines the passengers had taken, how many of them, and when and where. Apparently, just having taken any Covid-19 injection used in the EU did not suffice, there were detailed regulations attached to each of the brands, and mixing them seemed to be an issue, too.

As it were, the vaxxed passengers did not find themselves in some breeze-through first class lane, but had just wandered out into more unnavigable part of the bureaucratic jungle.

The final nail in the coffin (for another reason to stay clear of Covid-injections) was that neither showing antigen or PCR test paperwork was of any help for these travelers – the interrogation/conversation with the conductor came to the point, where the passengers held this out to him just to get past the bureaucracy.

It did not matter.

To vaxxed passenger, the Covid-tests were irrelevant.

They had allowed themselves to be vaxxed and now had to follow the vaxx rules.

As it were, the conductor finally let the vaxxed passengers stay on board.

By this time, about half an hour had passed.

The clearing process was over and the conductor stepped of the train.

Through the compartment window I could see him approach the Asian woman who was not vaxxed and had not taken any tests. He exchanges a few words with her, and then helped her board the train again.

The train left the station and continued on toward Copenhagen.

At this latitude in the summer, dawn breaks early (around 4 am) and as the Sun climbed the sky and lit up the Danish countryside, my thoughts were wandering.

Over the years, the jabs I have taken are not few at all, but they do not include Covid-19. Covid-19 is not a vaccine, it is a genetic experiment. so, no thank you.

After Padborg July 2021, there was now another reason for staying away from being vaxxed: Covid-19 is political – those who have submitted to any of the Covid-19 injections have stepped into a new Universe with new laws – including the possible expectation of an endless stream of future “booster” injections.

Maybe there is a lesson here for people think about “beating” the system by getting a fake vaxx certificate. Sure, you may have avoided the actual injection (at least the first one) but have still opened the door to a darker and more dangerous part of the jungle where other conditions apply.

Your vaxx-paspport is a confirmation that you accept de facto compulsory vaccination by the state. Having once committed to that, you are no longer allowed to say no when the rules and regulations for injections change and vaxxing is ordained to be happen regularly – annually or semi-annually, or perhaps even more often.

If you are the only one doing this, you may have a problem. If you are not alone, and a substantial part of the population is also using fake vaxx-paperwork, then it is not you who have a problem, but the vaxx-lobby and the authorities.

For the unvaxxed, life is simpler: binary – 1 or 0, yes or no.

Negative test result?

Welcome in!

Was the result positive?

Hang about at a hotel for up to 14 days (may be cut short if a new test after one week shows negative).

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