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Globalist censorship just expanded 400 LY out into the Galaxy

Globalist censorship just expanded 400 LY out into the Galaxy

A couple of days ago the bandcamp online service did a “youtube” on one of its content creators, renowned channeler Barbara Marciniak, and without notice or explanation closed her account and removed all her content.


That story as almost as good as the story of how the last US President Donald Trump created a US Military Space Force.

So let’s start there…

Which King of olden days would have thought of inventing the concept of a cavalry before the discovery of horses?

Should not President Donald J (The Joker?) Trump’s declaration on June 18, 2018, of a new “Space Force” have came as a result of a technical breakthrough that actually would enable such an independent military arm, and then preferably also with a couple of decades of testing out the new technology to understand its operational parameters?

This is History’s established pattern for adopting inventions.

Man became “air-capable”, learned how to fly, at the turn of the previous century.

In 1907 this capability was incorporated into the US Army.

It would take another 40 years, before the US Air Force grew up and became its own military arm (1947).

If the official narrative is to be believed, mankind currently dreams about Mars but is in reality barely able to put a squad of soldiers into orbit, let alone take them to the Moon and back.

All at a tremendous cost.

Yet, Trump sought it fit to institute a military space force as a separate arm of service?

Here is a bold question:

Does the global Deep State already have a Secret Space Force capable of anti-gravity, superluminal speed and intragalactic travel, but has kept it hidden from the public?

If so, Trump may not have been the first US President to attempt to entice this clandestine technology out of the closet of history.

John F Kennedy might have done it September 12, 1962, when he launched the effort to put a man on the Moon.

The backdrop was behind-closed doors meetings with his predecessor, President Dwight Eisenhower, who on January 17, 1961, in his farewell address to the nation, warned about a US Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) taking control over the nation and appropriating novel technologies for itself.

Independent research suggests that mankind might actually have become space-capable sometime in the 1950s, but that the owners behind MIC decided to keep it top secret.

(rumint suggests October of 1954 as the month of the technological breakthrough)

Below are five articles about anti-gravity from the 1950s, before public discussions on anti-gravity became ridiculed and politically incorrect…

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What kind of new reality would such a scientific and technological breakthrough precipitate?

What cans of worms would it open?

Back to the Future

So, why did the online service Bandcamp, without advance notice or explanation, close the account of Barbara Marciniak and removed all her content, over 100 hours of recordings?

Was she, like so many outspoken (and subsequently shut-down) youtubers, politically incorrect or had a vast number of listeners?


Since over thirty years, Barbara Marciniak claims to convey messages from a collective based in the star system the Pleiades, some 440 light years away from Earth.

The message:

Since several hundreds of thousands of years Earth is a colony in which humanity survives under the thumbs of a low-life but also high-tech off-planet life form described as dragons or reptiles.

The next stage in the draconian plan is to cull humanity and genetically downgrade its survivors into a space-capable transhumanist army for the continued colonization of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The genetic downgrading is what the current global injection campaign is about, disguised as “vaccinations” against the no-existent pandemic threat of Covid-19.

Was this narrative too close to home for the globalists?

So close that they went into panic-mode and immediately decided to shut down the broadcast originating from deep space?

Or did the globalists knew about this message all along and just decided that now is the time to pull the plug?

And why would someone from the Pleiades want to warn mankind about this scenario?

The stated Pleiadan concern is that once humanity’s draconian overlords have succeeded in transforming humanity into an army of space-capable drone-soldiers, the next step is an invasion of the Pleiades.

If the Milky Way Galaxy was the size of Earth, the distance between Earth and the Pleiades would be less than a hundred miles, the leap from London to Cambridge in the UK (or half the length of Long Island).

In a Universe thriving with space-capable civilizations, the Pleiades is Earth’s galactic neighbour…

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