Sacred Humanity posts somewhere in the South fo Europe 2020. Left: summary of UNESCO’s human rights declaration from 2005 concerning Biotechnology. Right: German national hero Claus von Stauffenberg, who worked at ridding the world of the Great Evil of his time (World War II).

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Blueshift launched in February 2010 as an information service alerting about the plans of a faceless, mainly Western elite, to establish a global dictatorship on the ruins of destroyed nations and cultures.

Part of blueshift’s unique profile is online petitions: activities which over the years have gathered tens of thousands of signatories.

One of the petitions was Sweden’s first and until 2016 largest online petitions for protecting cash in the constitution: kontantuppropet.nu, which i.a. resulted in the issue being raised in the Swedish parliament (autumn 2012).

On January 5, 2020, the “monster” we have alerted for, for over ten years, broke the surface and dystopian possibility became hard reality, there for everyone to see.

The monster’s name was “Covid-19”: a fake pandemic used to eradicate the last remnants of humanity’s rights: mental and emotional autonomy, bodily autonomy, privacy, the right to breath, the right to meet and associate with others, the right to move freely, the right to travel across borders.

In addition to blueshift.nu, we currently operate the following portals:

Blueshift’s journey has so far resulted in three books.

The last one is titled “Covid-1984” (May 2021)…

Contact: info[snabel-a]blueshift.nu


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