Why Israel needs to be wiped off the map of history

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Survival of Humanity.


For all practical purposes, Zionism, political Judaism, can be viewed as identical to the faceless international cabal hard at work to impose a global dictatorship on Humanity.

A cabal alternatively known as the Olympians, the Committee of 300 or the Illuminati.

The few humans who survive the planned culling process will face an existence as micro-chipped slaves restricted to tightly controlled cash-less urban zoning areas in this New World Order (NWO) of the cabal.


Where will the NWO be headquartered?

In the geostrategicaly most beneficial location – from an administrator’s point of view.

The region where three of the planet’s six continents converge: the Middle East.

This is the deep rationale for the establishment of Israel on someone else’s territory.

  • This is why Zionism was first created in 1897
  • This is why the Rothschilds in 1917 strong-armed the British government to make the Balfour declaration.
  • This is why the clueless newly appointed German chancellor Adolf Hitler in 1933 was manipulated to enter into the Haavara Agreement with world Zionism – to assist in laying the ground for what in 1948 became Israel.
  • This is why post-WWII Germany for well over half a century, based on the propaganda-lie of a Holocaust that never happened, has paid Israel over 90 billion US dollars in “reparations” – to fund the vehicle that is earmarked to enslave Humanity.

This is why Israel, in the very near future, really needs to be dismantled – or “wiped off the map of history” – before the globalists start the next World War.

The dismantling of Israel can be a totally bloodless exercise – if zionist and globalist accept defeat for their plan for World Domination. Israel is not a jewish grassroots movement. It is a globalist tool to transform and take over the world.

If not, Israel may very well prove to be the most dangerous state-like actor in the World – as it threatens to exercize its Samson option, as the globalists insist of having its way.

The current round of zio-anglo-american aggression against Syria, Iran and Russia, is planned to result in the creation of the Greater Israel show on the map below – from which humanity’s march into a global gulag will further escalate…





  • By Sven i Lappland:, 2018-04-12 @ 06:14

    “Eufrat Ă„ Tigris ska uttorkas, liksom att blod ska flyta upp till betslet pĂ„ hĂ€starna”, förutspĂ„dde min far som hade lĂ€st bibeln sĂ„ att han kunde tillrĂ€ttavisa predikanter i deras okunnighet. Han sa Ă€ven att “pĂ„ den yttersta tiden ska mĂ€nniskorna Ă€ta bröd efter vikt och dricka vatten med förfĂ€ran”. Det vĂ€rkar som att vi Ă€r dĂ€r nu!

  • By Lars Lindeberg, 2018-04-11 @ 15:17

    Absolutely right and it will happened!

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