The Prophecy

Senast uppdaterad: 2015-02-01
From time to time people contact us with news tips, questions, corrections, and in other matters.

A while ago we were approached by someone who claimed to have had some sort of extra-sensory experience of Earth’s near future – a vision of what is in store for humanity, unless it does not change its current trajectory.

We do not know how precise a projection or extrapolation of current momenta the text below is.

We do find the context and timing to be so close to the geopolitical realities we are aware of that we have decided to publish.

Here it is, to the best of our recollection..

When the powers that still control the West finally realise that they will not succeed in subjugating and incorporating Russia into their Empire they will fire a nuclear missile against Moscow. The hope is that by eradicating the nexus of power in Russia, the Federation will crumble into a number of mini- and microstates which will prove easier to assimilate into the Western control structure.

The missile will not reach Moscow, but will be intercepted by the Russian missile defence.

The Eastern part of Europe will witness a huge explosion in the sky. People will die, but the damage will not be nearly as bad as had the missile hit its intended target.

Shortly thereafter, two nuclear missiles will be launched against North America.

The USA will not be able to intercept these and North America will perish and become a black void similarly to what happened when Atlantis went under (according to the clairvoyant).

Thus, Russia, which almost unscathed survived the initial nuclear attack will emerge as the victor.

The sudden peace, that follows the end of the Western-driven conflicts, will not last for long.

The short nuclear war may unleash “Earth Changes”.

Countries and continents will disappear – others will be born.

When the process is over, humanity will have been reduced to some ten thousand individuals who, in effect, will find themselves to be living a new planet.