Terror attack in Denmark – NATO’s latest disciplinary action against a Nordic country

Senast uppdaterad: 2015-02-18
We have already seen this film, in Paris last month under the title Charlie Hebdo. The story is about an increasingly desperate North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation (NATO) which through it’s covert stay-behind/emergency terrorist network “Gladio” (in Denmark locally known as Absalon), stages attacks against symbolic high-value targets for the purpose of pushing the war-agenda against the Russian Federation.

The question this time is, if NATO actually has not gone one false flag too far.

Here is why.

In order to really hammer in the message of fear and war in capitals across Europe, US President Barack Obama recently took the highly unusual step to spell it out to an increasingly intransigent European leadership.

Occasionally we have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn’t do what we need them to do.

One European leader that did not heed the warning was the Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt – upon which the lady received a late Valentine’s Greeting from the war-mongers in London and on Wall Street.

The template used for the attack was pretty much identical to the Charlie Hebdo circus in Paris in January 2015.

A primary target related to freedom of expression is hit, followed by an attack against something “Jewish”.

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On both occasions Israeli Benyamin Netanyahu jumps into the fray, hoping to recruit more suicidal individuals of the Jewish faith for his dying Middle-East theocracy.

Remains to be seen if the unwelcome Mr Netanyahu also will elbow his way onto the photo op session for the Denmark event as well – as he did in Paris.


Why Denmark?

Could be the same reason as for France’s President Hollande – an openly voiced expression for normalizing relations with Russia.

This is the third covert Financial Oligarch/NATO strike in five years against against a Nordic country.

  • 22 July 2011: Utøya – NATO disciplinary action unleashed by Norway trying to leave the war against Libya
  • 11 December 2010: Bombing in Stockholm – rescue operation of incumbent conservative government in the immediate wake after a Swedish documentary based on Wikileaks documentation confirmed the Swedish government unlawfully hands over data on Swedish citizens to the USA.

In terms of number of dead, Norway leads with the 2011 Utøya attack.

In number of attacks since 2001, Sweden leads: the 2003 assassination of Swedish Minister For Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh (for opposing the Iraq war) and the 2007 killing (heart attacked) of head of the Swedish States Security Police Klas Bergenstrand (for opposing Sweden’s version of the US Patriot Act – wholesale eavesdropping on all cell phone and Internet activity).

Omen? Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt trips whilst on her way to the
Charlie Hebdo photo op in January 2015