Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt assassinated – the next globalist false-flag?

Senast uppdaterad: 2014-03-04
If leaked US diplomatic communications are to be believed, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, is a “medium-size dog with a big dog attitude” who suffers from “limited political capability.”[1]

Two decades ago the first part of the assessment above had a corollary in Swedish: the “Bildt-effect”.

Today, after eight years of local neoconservative mayhem – and 13 years after the event that changed the world, 9/11 – most swedes would be more interested in finding a corollary for the second part of that American diplomatic assessment: “limited political capability”.

A look at Bildt’s political trajectory makes one wonder if not Mr. Trouble Magnet would be a good candidate.

Carl Bildt carries all the hallmarks of an inveterate opportunist and thoroughbred globalist, a person who over two decades ago picked up on the theme of re-inventing the Western so-called Civilisation as a New World Order dictating the way of life for all of humanity.


1992: Carl Bildt on the New World Order


In retrospect, Mr. Carl Bildt’s persona is eerily similar to that of the eye of a storm: calm and seemingly orderly at the center, but as one moves towards the periphery, the man proves to be a sort of strange attractor for vicious forces tearing apart peoples lives.


Tracking the Hurricane

In 1986, Mr. Bildt was seen hovering at the periphery of the assassination of Sweden’s then Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Five years later Bildt became Prime Minister himself. It was only a matter months before the country’s economy was wrecked and in 1994 he was voted out.

Bildt’s parting gift to the electorate was the M/S Estonia ferry disaster, in which nearly 900 persons, over half of them Swedes, were killed in an event no insider still dare talk about.

As so often with Carl Bildt, someone else had to clean up the mess.

Readers interested in knowing what really happened will find the film Baltic Storm helpful.

Apparently, presenting the facts of the disaster in a fictional movie, was the only way in which the German journalist Jutta Rabe could present the story.

To our knowldege, the film has never been aired or shown in cinemas in Sweden.

The last known victim of the M/S Estonia ferry disaster may very well have been Sweden’s deputy Prime Minister Odd Engström who in 1998 was heart attacked just before he had an appointment with Ms. Rabe for an interview about the disaster.

Having narrowly escaped the fallout from the M/S Estonia apocalypse, Bildt’s next stop was the Balkans – as the EU’s High Representative between 1995-1998.

Maybe the folks there have stories to tell, too.

In the fall of 2006, Carl Bildt became Sweden’s Minister for Foreign affairs.

Shortly thereafter, the chief of Sweden’s Security Police, Klas Bergenstrand, was heart attacked after becoming the focal point for the government’s internal resistance against the Swedish neocon version of the US Patriot Act – the FRA-law.

As Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt was instrumental in dragging Sweden into the war against Libya in 2011.

And in 2013-2014 Bildt was busy foisting the globalist agenda of his hidden masters to the unsuspecting people of Ukraine, including making several trips to Kiev.


From Chicken to Pig

So far, the 64-year old seems to have navigated his life seemingly covered by teflon.

That may now have changed and the turn has come for Bildt to trade his traditional role as egg-laying chicken in the globalist’s unfolding plan for a cashless global gulag to that of a fully committed pig.

We are, of course, elaborating on the possibility of someone’s attempt to squeeze some final utility out of this “medium-size dog with a big dog attitude” by having him assassinated in a high-profile false-flag operation that will be blamed on whomever it best suits the agenda of the day to blame.

Looking at the psychological front-loading that has already been prepared for this eventuality – it appears Moscow actually is the designated patsy.

In 2013, a Swedish former military officer turned public disinfoagent made the video below – ostensibly to promote a book.

The clip went viral and the Swedish government was forced to respond, which it did – with disgust.

If, indeed, something untoward would befall Carl Bildt at this point in time, the reader now stands a better chance of seeing through the lies that will be spread.






















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