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  • By Leif Erlingsson, 2014-08-05 @ 16:56

    We are all Palestinians. That’s why U.S. “Law Enforcement” deem those people who withdraw their support for corrupt governance as the biggest terrorist threat – anyone who will not have any part in the crimes against humanity are seen as the ultimate threat to those who live on lies and illusion. (Reuters / Brian Blanco August 04, 2014 17:32, see link + comments in my latest blog, Jag krĂ€ver bara att min rĂ€tt till frihet frĂ„n förtryck respekteras.)

  • By alert, 2014-08-05 @ 16:00

    Israeli Roots of Hamas Are Being Exposed

  • By alert, 2014-08-05 @ 15:50

    To understand why the “Jews” act as they do you have to read the Bible with right glasses.

    Like you – the “Jews” do not understand the GT either! The live and think like the Farisees and do not know the living God Jesus Christ!

  • By Bergatorparen, 2014-08-05 @ 15:03

    Yes, Ursula. The whole history of the israelis is genocidal. Just read the Old Testament – not like the theologans want you to, but like any other book – and you’ll get the closest to the truth about the israelis as you cac get without being assassinated. The Bible is so full of genocidal accounts that it is disgusting and knowing that the 5 first books of the Old Testament is the Tora, and that Jews have been involved in a lot of the bad deeds of the western world, there really is no wonder that man has beco0me his own worst enemy.

  • By Ursula, 2014-08-05 @ 10:34

    The IZ really are more than capable of doing absolute genocide of others. Would this include Europeans too?

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