What kind of an event is the Coronavirus, really?

  1. Is it as worldwide Pandemic- a biological threat to human life everywhere?
  2. Does it have more in common with seasonal flues?
  3. Is is something else entirely? If so, what?

The chart above is based on official statistics from the United Nations’s (UN) World Health Organization (WHO). It shows the numbers of new cases discovered each day, in China, and abroad.

On the last day, March 4, the WHO estimated some 93,090 infected worldwide of which some 2,984 have died. Based on these numbers, a mortality rate of 3.2% can be calculated.

What this means is that for every 1,000 persons that attracts Covid-19, 32 will die. The 32 who die are the 32 weakest persons in the pool of 1,000: people with deficient immune-systems, elderly, and already sick.

The blue line in the chart shows the situation in China, 1.4 billion people.

The red line shows the situation in the rest of the world, some 6.4 billion people.

According to the WHO, the virus is retreating in China, but still growing in the rest of the world.

The coefficient, or growth factor, for the rest of the world (the red line) is about 60.

Extrapolated four months into the future, say early July 2020, the number of new cases of Covid-19 discovered each day by then would be some 7,200.

The total number of infected persons would range between 400,000 to 450,000.

With a mortality rate of 3.2%, this would mean somewhere between 12 to 15 thousand dead from Covid-19, by the summer of 2020.

Wikipedia lists four Pandemics for the 20th century:

  • Spanish Flu (1918-1920) some 50-100 million dead world wide
  • Asian Flu (1957-1958) some 1-4 million dead world wide
  • Hong Kong Flu (1968-1969) an estimated 1 million dead world wide
  • H1N1/09 Flu Pandemic (2009-2010) some 285,000 dead world wide

Evidently, Covid-19 does not belong on this list of global pandemics.

In fact, neither does the 2009-2010 H1N1 virus event.

Had the population of the world in 1968, 1958, and 1918 been the same as it is today, some 7.8 billion, these would have been the adjusted death tolls: 2.3 million, 3.8 million, and 200-400 million.

This is the US Center for Disease Control’s figures for the seasonal flu each year from 2016 to 2019.

year infected & sick hospitalized dead
2018-2019 35.5 million 490 thousand 34 thousand
2017-2018 45 million 810 thousand 61 thousand
2016-2017 29 million 500 thousand 38 thousand

The figures are for the US only, a country with a population that makes up some 4,2% of the World population.

If the CDC’s US flu figures are representative for the rest of the world, this means that the world every year sees closer to one billion infected and some 400 thousand to 1 million dead, victims of the seasonal flu.

Why isn’t media reporting on the seasonal flu in the same apocalyptic way it reports on Covid-19?

Since seasonal flues apparently have death tolls in the same order of magnitude as some of the later so-called pandemics of the 20th century, maybe all seasonal flues should be labeled pandemics?

Notwithstanding this question, Covid-19 does not qualify to be on the list of seasonal flues, either – its death rate and number of infected are too low.

Let’s go deeper, let us find the growth factor for the seasonal flu for the year 2018-2019.

35 million people infected in the span of, let’s say four months, 120 days, indicates a growth factor in the neighborhood of 600,000 – to be contrasted with the growth factor of 60 for Covid-19.

Unless something radically happens with how Covid-19 spreads and kills, the reality is that in today’s news flow – it does not even qualify for being mentioned, unless as a short note on page 12, maybe.

Reportedly, 3,700 people are killed every day in the world in traffic accidents – 1.4 million per year.

That daily death toll is more than Covid-19 has been able to harvest in over two months.

When was the last time the reader saw the “news” of traffic deaths plastered on the front pages with apocalyptic overtones similar to that of a pandemic?

9/11 was an event in which some three thousand persons perished.

It was broadcast all over the world and became the fig-leaf for the start of an era of globalist wars with no end.

Covid-19 is an event in which some three thousand have died, so far.

It is broadcast all over the world and seems earmarked to become the opening salvo for further globalist power consolidation, including forced vaccinations, enforced cashless societies, curfews under another name, further restrictions on travel – and as a weapon to take down the economy of targeted countries.

We believe this is the correct class the Covid-19 event belongs to.

It is a globalist psyop.

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