Find below a memento which this year, 2020, turns 10 – Bill Ryan’s (Project Avalon) report on the Anglo-Saxon Mission.

The memento may be taken literaly, or be enjoyed as cult-classic within the field of conspiracy research.

The picture painted by Ryan is that of a small group of highly ranked freemasons, based in the City of London, who are preparing for a new world – after a prophesied global cataclysmic event, such as a poleshift, has reset the board.

The preparations of the Anglo-Saxon Mission aim at starting a nuclear war, to ensure that once the global geo-event is over, the Anglo-Saxon Mission is poised to inherit the new Earth.

According to Bill Ryan, this is the real meaning of the term The New World Order.

Part of the preparations leading up to the planned nuclear holocaust is the release of a virus which kills millions of Chinese and then turn into a global plague.