In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte kidnapped the Duke of Enghien, transported him back to Paris where Napoleon executed him. Enghien’s “crime?”

He was a fearless and capable officer and aristocrat and political opponent.

After the murder, one of Napoleon’s associates coined the phrase:

“This is worse than a crime – it’s a blunder”

When Donald J. Trump, on January 3, 2020 orders the killing of the leader of another country, whilst traveling on a commerical flight and carrying a diplomatic passport, and then braggs about it – it is a gaffe biblical proportions.

Which world leader can afford to trust the USA after this – at least as long as Donald J. Trump is President?

The reason Soleimani left his own country and took the flight to Baghdad, in the first place, was that Trump had convinced Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul-Mahhdi to ask Soleimani to come over for peace talks.

As soon as Soleimani stepped of the commercial flight, Trump murdered him.

The whole affair was an ambush.

Five days later, on January 8, 2020, Iran responds with a missile attack on two US military bases in Iraq: Erbil and Ain Al Assad.

Ain Al Assad was home to the drones who murdered Soleimani.

Reportedly, Iran unleashed 22 missiles, a mix of ballistic and cruise missiles. Two of them failed to reach their targets.

Iran claims that 80 US soldiers lost their lives in the response.

Satellite photos seem to confirm that the Iranian missiles did hit the US air base at Ain Al Assad (composite image below).

So far, the United States has denied that Iran conducted a technically impressive missile attack, but claims that no American died in it.

That could be true.

Reportedly, Iran gave the US 24 hours’ notice. This would have been more than enough time for the US to evacuate its bases ahead of the attack.

When the United States on April 14, 2018 (in violation of international law and on the basis of false information) conducted a massive missile attack on Syria, 28% of the robots reached their targets (29 of 103).

When Tehran attacked the US airbases in Iraq, 90% of the missiles reach their targets.

How is this possible?

Did the US let Iran carry out the attack without trying to stop it?

Is the air defense capability of Syria (courtesy Russia), this superior to similar US defensive systems – like the Patriot system?

Iran describes its response as a “slap.”

Following the successful demonstration of its military prowess, Tehran informed its neighbors that allowing the US to use their territory as a platform in future attacks, will have consequences.

It is not difficult to view the Iranian response to the assassination of its national hero Soleimani, as an act of statesmanship oozing of restraint and political skill.

At least if the Iranian military response stops here.

Which Middle East country would today dare open up its territory for use of attacks against Iran?

Saudi Arabia?

Although the House of Saud has a military budget close to Russia’s, the country’s military is so incompetent that it cannot even handle Kalashnikov wielding fighters in neighboring Yemen.

How about Israel?

In the short term, the murder of Soleimani might be viewed as a boon to Israel.

President Donald J. Trump can today only be viewed as a confirmed Zionist.

On the home front, Trump may chant “America F1rst”.

When it comes to action abroad, his track record is 1srael foremost.

Trump took the US out of the historical Iran-deal Obama brokered in 2015, relocated the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, gave away his daughter in marriage to a Jew (she converted to Judaism) – and on January 3, 2020, Trump oversaw the murder of one of the foremost opponents of the Israeli armed forces: Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

The murder of Soleimani, spelled the end of Donald J. Trump as an effective political figure in World Affairs. Period

If Trump says he wants to discuss peace, today, who can afford to trust him or the United States?

Given that Trump today is a spent force, a lame duck, what else can he do promote the Zionist agenda on the world stage: to ignite world conflagration, the survivors of which will wake up in a global fascist state run out of the Middle East?

How abot this?

Die – and his death blamed on Iran…

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