Among the more insightful members of homo sapiens, this is the big question with regards to Donald J. Trump:

Is the man really against the powers that be – the faceless financial oligarchs?

Is Trump really an enemy to globalism, or is he just another stooge about to take humanity to the same planned end-state – but on another route?

A global tyranny where humanity has been twisted and reduced to a clueless, genderless, metrosexual cattle microchipped at birth.

Perhaps looking at how Team DJT decided to jump-start the presidency, is of help when answering this question?

Donald Trumps main points from his speech at CIA-head quarters on January 21, 2017:

  • Previously, you at the CIA may not have felt that you have had the support from the White House that you might wished for. You will henceforth get as much support from us that you might start to say, “Please, no more backing!” But you will have it.
  • We have to get rid of ISIS. We have no choice. Islamic terrorism needs to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. It is a kind of evil previously unseen, it is different from regular wars. The CIA will do a great job finishing this job. The time has come.
  • Over there is General Flynn (reitirates the US military support to his Presidency and highlights the presence of the US military within the walls of the CIA).
  • You will have a new boss that is great – Mike Pompeo.
  • Boy, are there many (fifth-)columns in this building. We will have to get rid of them all.
  • You who are here is the perhaps most important group for making sure that the United States starts winning again. I am behind you one thousand percent. I respect you. I love you. You will lead the charge.

Real message:

  • Since its very inception, the CIA has never been about defending US interests. It has been a tool for Globalist-minded financial oligarchs, for Wall Street, to destabilize and take over foreign countries. It has also been a tool to undermine, control and also kill US Presidents and presidential candidates (John F and Robert Kennedy).
  • ISIS, like its predecessors al-Qaeda and the Moslem Brotherhood, are instruments through which the faceless money masters and their moles within the US government have tried to destabilized the world. Similarly to how the international drug trade is organized by the CIA, so are these (and other) terrorist groups..
  • Today this all ends. You will immediately cease to train, equip and direct terrorists around the world and instead exterminate this scourge.
  • Woe on the traitors within the CIA who attempts to obstruct this.

The apparent strategy of Team DJT: Keep your friends close and you enemies closer…

Below, background info on the CIA…

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