Pippi Longstocking with her creator, author Astrid Lindgren

A couple of years ago Sweden saw a political witch hunt.

On the surface, the victim was the iconic Pippi Longstocking – one of the country’s most well-known fairy-tale characters.

The verdict of Europe’s self-appointed morality police came down hard on the supposed racism, suddenly found in the books by author Astrid Lindgren.

The persecutors did not stop until the films had been re-edited and the books were rewritten.

Today, parents who show older versions of the films about Pippi Longstocking, risks being reported for hate-speech.

As it were, the real target for the witch hunt was not Pippi Longstocking, nor the author Astrid Lindgren, who passed away in 2002 – a decade before the witch hunt started.

The real target was ethnic Swedes.

The silent accusation: Swedes are racists who constantly should feel ashamed.

According to the country’s self-appointed morality police, the racism in Swedes run so deep that they have lost their right to exist.

This wild, yet unspoken, accusation is the political driver behind Sweden’s current invasion of immigrants and the country’s projected future as a sharia-law Caliphate and failed state – where Swedes will soon be a persecuted minority.

The similarly unspoken assumption behind the establishment’s hate against everything Swedish (since it seems hell-bent on destroying the country and its people) is that Pippi Longstocking – like the global furniture company IKEA – is emblematic of Swedishness.

Spot the errors

Hasidic boy

Here are a couple of questions:

  1. How many red-headed Swedes does the reader know?
  2. How many Swedes have the mindset and attitude of Pippi Longstocking? How many Swedish children have it?
  3. How many Swedes wear braids on each side of the face and scurry around in long stockings?
  4. How many Swedes have a father who has colonized and become King over a country that belongs to another people?
  5. How many Swedes has a trunk with gold coins under their bed?

The answer?


Pippi Longstocking is not, and has never been, Swedish.

She is a Jewess.

More than anything, Pippi looks like an exponent of Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Judaism, i.e. Khazar Jews from eastern Europe.

If one in the questions above, replace “Swedes” with “Jews” – one gets a full score.

Jews are more redheaded than Swedes. Pippi’s distinctly un-Swedish attitude is an example of the well-known Jewish trait “chutzpah”. Unique to Jews are also their hairdos, braids at the temples, the long stockings, and the idiosyncrasy to spontaneously break out into dancing in public places – just like Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi’s father is a pirate. Ephraim is his name.

Ephraim is a Hebrew name. The name of Joseph’s son, one of the twelve tribes of Israel in the Old Testament.

Readers who wish to continue the quest for symbolic references are invited to interpret these two attributes:

  • The apparently bottomless trunk filled with gold which Ephraim gave to his daughter Pippi
  • The identity of the “pacific island” Pippi’s father Ephraim Lords it over

Here are two suggestions: Rothschild and their global financial system, and Israel.

Hasidic women break out into dancing on a street

The story does not end here.

Pippi Longstocking is not only an orthodox Jew.

Her first name is, in fact, a hidden reference to Jahve or Jehova.

Now the full scope of whom or what “Pippi Longstocking” really is, emerges.

“Pippi” represents a Judaic deity, which children in Sweden, and in other European countries, too, since 1945 and 1969 (when the book and film came out) have emulated and worshiped.

“Pippi Longstocking” is not the name of a popular Swedish fairy-tale character – it is the label of one the Deep States most successful campaigns to brainwash several generations of European children to embrace Zionism.

Truth be told, which ten-year-old kid would not like to come along with “Pippi” to the promised island of her father Ephraim?

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