Everyone who has seen the film The Da Vinci Code has a grasp on the hypothesis that Europe’s royal houses were founded by the bloodline of the Christ from the New Testament – Jesus of Nazareth.

It happened as a consequence of Jesus’ pregnant wife, Mary Magdalene, after the crucifixion, fleeing and taking refuge in France.

The idea was not pulled out of thin air.

The film, and the novel it is based on, draw heavily on a work of non-fiction published in 1982: The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

What the reader might not yet have heard is the adjacent hypothesis: that the entire population of Europe is the heir of the twelve tribes of Israel, of which none, at the time of Christ, actually lived in what is today known as Palestine.

Jesus and his family were simply stragglers in the process of abandoning the Middle East for the green pastures of the recently de-iced Europe.

This is how the tribes of Israel are said to spread in Europe:

  1. Ruben: The Netherlands, Belarus, Wales
  2. Simon: Spain
  3. Levi: Priesthood that spread among the other tribes
  4. Juda: Germany, Austria
  5. Dan: Denmark, Scandinavia
  6. Naphtali: Portugal, Spain, Norway
  7. Gad: Italy
  8. Ascher: Sweden, Austria
  9. Issaschar: Finland, Poland, Ukraine
  10. Sebulon: France, Hungary, Slavic Eastern Europe
  11. Joseph (sons Manassah and Ephraim): England, Ireland, USA, Wales
  12. Benjamin: Scandinavia, Island, Belgium

Those who today call themselves “Jews” and make loud claims to represent the historical, geographical and ethnic “House of Israel” are, in fact, impostors who have stolen the identity of the true Israelites – white Europeans.

The real origin of the pretenders is a kingdom called Khazaria, and which at the time it went out of business, about one thousand years ago, was notorious for the barbaric nature of its people.

As a result of the problems the Khazars caused for neighboring nations (they were know as the snake people) they finally faced the alternatives of being exterminated or convert to the Abrahamic religion of their choice: Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

The Khazars chose Judaism.

The hope among the neighbours, who had presented them with the ultimatum, was that it would make the Khazarian people more civilized.

The final outcome became that the Khazars infiltrated Europe, where they continued to create problems.

What does President-Elect Donald Trump have to do with this?

So far as we have been able to ascertain, the highest ranks of Freemasonry embrace the historical perspective outlined above: that the “Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, Scandinavian and Nordic people” are “the House of Israel in the material plane” and that today’s “Jews” are nothing less than the spawn of the biblical Devil.

Since a majority of the Presidents of the USA were Freemasons and several people around Trump are. it has become important to understand the existence of this historical perspective.

Was this what the US Presidential Election 2016 was really about: a key battle in the war between forces of Satan (as represented by Rothschild-agent Hillary Clinton), versus the true heirs of the “House of Israel” represented by team Donald Trump?

If so, on which side in this battle are Freemasons elsewhere on the planet lined up?

For outside observers, the challenge might be to figure out who is who, in future political events. Although Freemasons and Zionists, in a sort of unholy alliance, have coexisted, the question is what will now happen – when the gauntlet may have been thrown and the players are expected to pick sides.

Donald Trump as Commander in Chief of the true Israelites
in the war against the Great Evil of our time,
the progeny of the snake people from ancient Khazaria.

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