Nedanstående artikel borde vara obligatorisk läsning för unga och/eller vilsna muslimer.

Den framstående imamen Imran Hosein förklarar att Islam i början på det 21:a århundradet har infiltrerats och kontrolleras av den politiska judendomen – Zionismen.

Imran Hosein har inga problem med konceptet Jihad som sådant, men bedömmer det att det i dag är helt fel kontext och tid att ägna sig åt det…



I’m well aware of what has been happening in Syria for the last 60 years or more. No one has to lecture me. I know the history. But I’m not going to be a party in any group who seeks to liberate themselves from oppressors, and receive weapons and arms from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. A large number of those who fight Bashar Assad in Syria are paid by Saudi Arabians and Qataris. They are paid and given arms to go to that country. Maybe Allah can grant the day when Saudi Arabia will be invaded in the same way.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Zionist countries. Allah says in the Quran if you turn to them for friendship and alliance, you belong to them – says Allah, not us. If you turn to the Judeo-Christian alliance, Zionist Alliance, etc.

Where are you taking your weapons? We are taking them from the Syrian army, they said. The convenient answer, a very convenient answer.

Even if you have your own weapons, you do not launch your struggle at this time to liberate yourself. It’s the wrong time, because you will be used as Guinea Pigs. Whatever you will achieve, it will be beneficial to them, so you act very foolishly by using this moment. The second Arab Spring to get rid of Assad choose the wrong time when Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Zionists are sending men into Turkey, armed with weapons, financed, and trained by them. Choose another time, not this time.

I know about oppression. It is not just in Syria of course – there is much more oppression in Saudi Arabia. And how many jihadists are going to Saudi Arabia to liberate Saudi Arabia? They’ll never do that. Jihadists do not even think about that. The heart of Islam is today under Zionist control. How many of them are prepared to go to Saudi Arabia to wage jihad? None. How many will go to Qatar to liberate Qatar? None. How many will go to Turkey to liberate Turkey from NATO control? None. But you go to get rid of Assad.

I’m not a supporter of the Syrian government, but I’m not taking about the right of those who want to use this moment to overthrow this government, because if Assad falls, Syria will become another Libya. If it is what you want, that you will get it. We do not want that. We want that in the day to come, Imam Mahdi will be there in Damascus, in your city. And Isa returns in your city. Damascus is too important.

What you called the greatest enemy of Muslims – Russia – is Rum. When I see Rum in the Quran, it is Russia today. Prove to me that Rum is the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican, or that Rum today is the Anglo-American alliance. It is either Eastern Christianity or Western Christianity. Which one? Which one is Rum?

The Quran speaks about Rum and speaks positively. Mohammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) says: Make alliance with Rum. And who did that? Iran already made alliance with Rum.

So, those who want to consider Russia to be the greatest enemy of Muslims, go ahead. We are not a part of that. There is enough to tell you that Russia is now changing and returning to Christianity. How do you explain that the State University of Moscow invited me to come to Moscow, when I’m preaching Islam and there is so much hatred towards Islam?