An accepted defintion of “civil war” is violence resulting in more than 1,000 deaths per year in a conflict with at least two organized parties.

Since September 11, 2001 the undeclared war against the American public has had only one organized party, the same Zio-Neocon-Bankster faction that were behind the 9/11 coup d’etat in which President George W. Bush was replaced by himself, with a new agenda. The ambition of this faction is to turn North America into a dictatorship of epic proportions, followed by scaling the experiment up to fathom the entire planet.

A prominent feature of the dictatorship is the militarization of police and their escalated use of deadly force.

Last year, in 2014, the number of persons slain by police was reported at 1,106. At that time, two of the three conditions for the existence of a civil war were fulfilled.

On July 30, 2015, the third and final condition for civil war manifested: the birth of a second party to the conflict – i.e. the formal resistance against the tyranny.

Ergo, the United States of America – formerly known as “the land of the free and home of the brave” – is today experiencing a civil war.


The Resistance

In the clip to below, Louis Farrakhan, the leader of Nation of Islam, calls for 10 000 fearless men to start killing the enemy.

What enemy?

Looking at Farrakhan’s previous speeches (the clips below) points the finger at the 1% of humanity that parasites on the remaining 99% of us – the already identified Zio-Neocon-Bankster globalists, who with increasing desperation is pushing their New World Order agenda on the rest of the planet.

This contrasts interpretations made by i.a. the Radio Host Jeff Rense, who believes the enemy to be other ethnic groups.

The confirmation that, in fact, it is the NWO-crowd that has Farrakhan’s red dot painted on their foreheads, is how Farrakhan’s declaration of war on July 30th, has been interpreted by those listening to him.

The killing of Police Officer Darren H. Goforth on August 28, 2015, only makes sense as a the manifestation of the 10,000 starting to step up to the plate and that the enemy is the system, as represented by their police forces.

As such, the most accurate way to describe the shooting is not as a random killing, a street-crime murder, but a successful ambush on enemy troops by an agent of the resistance – in the ongoing civil war.

The interpretation also finds support in the apparent ambush on a police vehicle in Massachusets on September 2, 2015.

Putting the record straight

The theme of Louis Farrakhan coincides with the funding of Rothschild-agent George Soros for the “Black lives matter” phenomenon: the notion that blacks are a main target of the deadly force of the NWO-crowd’s police state.

A look at the numbers indicate that if any particular group is a primary target, it is white folks.

The data below was pulled from

Of the so far 790 killed persons in 2015, 30 were women.

16 of these women were white.

This is the data for the 760 slain men..

  • 291 white (c. 38%)
  • 194 black (c. 26%)
  • 119 latinos (c. 16%)
  • 6 asians (<1%)
  • 150 other/unclear ethnicity (c. 20%)

The best way to understand this data is in relation to the ethnicity of those who find themselves interacting with police forces around the USA – in each event of interaction (some of which end with the police killing them).

The author has not been able to find this specific statistic, but hopes to make up for it by using the ratio of different ethnical groups incarcerated in the USA as an indicator of how many times members of different ethnic groups interact with the police.

Given that the number of black people in prison is reported to be almost six times higher than the number of white people, we might assume that if the killing by police is “color-blind” only one white person for each six black persons would be killed by the police.

They are not.

50% more whites than blacks are killed by the police.

If these factors are multiplied, the suggestion is that whevener finding themselves in an encounter with the police, whites are up to nine times more likely to end up dead than black people.


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