Maybe the hate-mongers at World Jewish Congress (WJC) should consider changing its name to World Zionist Congress (which is what it really is) or simply Hate Speech Incorporated – since this is their main trade: the spreading of the Gospel of fear, hate, deceit and condemnation in the world.

Right: Baron David de Rothchild: scion of the Rothschild family’s French branch, Council member at WJC and President of the Shoah Foundation.

Below: some of the motions passed during WJC’s biannual meeting in Paris last week..

Bulls – Condemnations

  1. French comedian Dieudonné
  2. Dieudonné’s friend Nicolas Anelka
  3. Greek political party Golden Dawn.
  4. Whomever says that Israel is an Apartheid-state
  5. Palestinian organisation BDS which campaigns for a boycott of Israel until it starts to comply with International Law and Palestinian rights
  6. Memorials for hungarian leader Miklós Horty


  1. France’s new PM, spanish born naturalized citizen Manuel Valls (reward for perspecuting French commedian Dieudonné – cf. point 1 above)
  2. The English Fotball association (reward for issuing a five-game ban against Dieudonné’s friend Nicolas Anelka – cf. point 2 above)
  3. The Greek government and authorities (reward for persecuting the Golden Dawn party – cf. point 3 above)
  4. Morale support to jewish organizations in Hungary for boycotting the nation’s official memorial of the so-called “Holocaust”.

Coverups, spins, etc

  1. Advices not to exaggarate the situation of Jews in Ukraine during its new neonazi regime
  2. Advices not to undermine or question the legitimacy of Ukraine’s new neonazi regime
  3. Israel should be recognized as a Jewish state – i.e. officially become a theocracy
  4. Encouragements to the government of Argentina to bury the plans for an Argentinian-Iranian truth-commission for the bombattacks against Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and an Argentinian-Israeli friendship association in 1994

Although the (sick) logic behind most points appear obvious, items in red might lead to some raised eye-brows.

At least until the background is clear, at which moment those gravity-defying eye-brows may be joined by dropped jaws:

  • Why would Jewish Organizations wish to boycott memorials of the so-called “Holocaust?”

    The problem the leadership of World Zionism has with the government of Hungary is that it is not enough that it plays along with the “Holocaust” myth (defined as industrial scale genocide utilizing “gas-chambers”) – but demands that the hungarians also script themselves into this non-event as co-culprits.

  • Why would the leadership of World Zionism wish to leave neonazis in Ukraine in peace whilst persecuting them in Greece?

    The answer: The hidden hand behind the destruction of Ukraine – the mob of international finance

  • Why would World Zionism not want the wounds from the perhaps biggest terror-attack in the history of Argentina to start to heal?

    For the same reason the “Holocaust” was invented and becomes more harrowing each time it is retold: these types of open and unresolved wounds in societies are gold-mines to factions that base their political existence on the concept of rule-and-divide and need to be kept bleeding for as long a possible – prefereably indefinitly.

    But there is more.

    So far prosecutors have pointed the fingers at Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Iran for the attacks.

    In reality, both events show tell-tale signs og being false-flag operations involving Israel and the USA.

    What would certainly epitomize the fears entertained by World Zionism is that of a press-conference held by such an Argentinian-Iranian truth commission at which time it was revealed to the world whom the real culprit is.


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