Has former ABBA-legend Björn Ulvaeus joined the dark side and is engaged in a war against humanity?

On October 22, 2013, Mr Ulvaeus, once member of the famous 1970’s pop-group ABBA, had an opinion piece published in the Swedish industry daily Dagens Industri.

The title was “Refuse dirty money”.

In the article Mr Ulvaeus explains why the recently opened ABBA-museum in Stockholm will not accept cash as payment from visitors: it’s a serious health-hazard.

But is this all?

A look at the museum’s website suggests a deeper agenda: Mr Ulvaeus claims that cash is the sole driver behind crime world-wide: “from murder to bicycle theft”, and that his vision is that of Earth as a planet from which bills and coins have been exterminated for good.

Mr Ulvaeus:

The Swedish Krona is a small currency used only in Sweden. This is the ideal place to start the biggest crime preventing scheme ever. We could and should be the first cashless society in the world.

I challenge anyone to come up with reasons to keep cash that outweigh the enormous benefits of getting rid of it.

The local Swedish reactions to Mr Ulvaeus article have been many: including successful autopsies of the argument that cash is the only thing criminals can use when engaged in transactions; and that some parts of the ABBA museum (not just the loo) actually poses a greater bio-hazard to the world than the cash in its visitors wallets and purses might (or might not) do.



The timing and context of Mr Ulvaeus campaign to eradicate cash is a bit mystifying.

So far the powers that be, which in Sweden means the Wallenberg family, have shunned public debate about the future of cash.

Late last year, for example, Swedish activist site kontantuppropet.nu [“the cash petition”] became an overnight success with thousands of Swedes joining in the demand that the Swedish government give cash stronger legal protection.

The background was that Sweden’s privately owned and controlled banking-sector since 2009 unilaterally and on its own initiative (and without a democratic mandate) have been closing down bank offices offering traditional cash services at an alarming rate.

The success of the petition resulted in an invitation of the folks behind it to the TV-show Good Morning Sweden, broadcast nation-wide.

Also invited was Sweden’s banking employee union Finansförbundet – whose anti-cash propaganda is, or rather was, based on emotional non-factual fear-mongering disseminated through their web site kontantfritt.nu [“free from cash”].

The banking-sector’s PR-line seems to have worked well: Swedes, the people who have given name to the psychological condition known as the Stockholm Syndrome, are known as the World’s leading wet-nurse junkies and seems to have far fewer problems with Big Brother and Big Sis interfering in their lives than people from other countries.

As it were, TV-debate never happened.

The reason was that the banking union refused to participate and did what Swedes feeling uneasy often do: called in sick. At the same time the union also shut down its propaganda site kontantfritt.nu.

No doubt, a producer somewhere at Gomorron Sverige also benefited from an in-house crash-course in Orwellian political correctness for coming up with the brilliantly intolerable idea to publicly debate the Wallenberg controlled banking-sector’s unilateral phasing out of cash.

Fast forward a year, and Mr Ulvaeus throws down the gauntlet – or does he?

Is Mr Ulvaeus’ challenge, as published on the ABBA museum’s website, a bona fide invitation to open debate – or is it the rhetorical “I dare you!” posturing of the class bully, firmly believing no one will ever speak up?

If so, Mr Ulvaeus may very well be right: the statures of the members of ABBA as national icons are such that most Swedes would be as keen to go face to face with Mr Ulvaeus over the cash-issue, as a medieval peasant would be comfortable urinating on the pope – whilst hollering like a banshee and wearing a modern day Halloween outfit.

“Humanism” – a cult in search of a God

Mr Ulvaeus does not only hate cash – he hates religion too.

As a member of the Swedish chapter of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) – a globalist NGO represented at the UN – Mr Ulvaeus has also gone public demanding that the freedom of religion granted by the Swedish constitution needs to be dropped.

One might be forgiven for wondering what ever happened to the ABBA-member who forty years ago wrote musical history, when he together with three friends won the European song contest in Brighton with the hit “Waterloo”.

Unfortunately, it’s probably no use asking Mr Ulvaeus himself.

These days he does not even seem to remember being on that stage that magical night in 1974.

In contrast to this alleged long-term memory-loss, however, Mr Ulvaeus is still capable of telling the rest of us how to lead our lives, whilst scooting around the planet between his many mansions in his private jet – making one million deal after the other.

The shape of things to come

Suppose Mr Ulvaeus has his way – or rather the way of the Godless doctrine he is a disciple of, so-called “Humanism” – what is the planned end-state?

Looking at the doctrinaire writings of one of IHEU’s leading beacons, the late professor Paul Kurtz, the end-state is a “Neo-humanist” Eden from which God has been banished – a planet run by a global government driven by a genocidal agenda (urgent population restraint) and in which all money is electronic.

What Professor Kurtz does not say about this neo-human or post-human society (his paper is a high-level policy document) are the facts that tied into the global cashless or electronic-money-only society are two closely related aspects of the global Orwellian state:

  1. The replacement of today’s plastic microchip credit cards with a chip that is embedded inside the human body
  2. A global currency

The real issue with microchips embedded inside the human body may not be the absolute loss of privacy, as the banks and the one-world government will know everything about a person – including his/her physical location at any time. The real issue is that these chips are also able to work the other way: allowing humanity’s new God-less masters to control the emotional state and thoughts of all humans on the planet.

Cashless humans – human cattle

Readers planning for a different future than as prisoners in a perpetual real-life enactment of the horror-movie “The Stepford Wives”, need to wake up and deliver a very loud and clear No to the powers that be. In Sweden this means the Wallenberg family and their stooges in the government, parliament and media.

Otherwise, given current societal momenta and trajectories, failure to act will result in your children and grand-children and their children and so on, enduring their existences in a global concentration-camp in which the 5-10% of humanity which is allowed to survive will be little more than remotely controlled cattle microchipped at birth.

Click here to join the “big” petition to save cash in Sweden [in Swedish – over 4,700 signatories so far].

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